NFL TV Panic is Premature!

So the big talk in the NFL is what is happening to the TV Ratings> Have we seen the end of the Golden Age of the NFL? What is causing the lower ratings? Was is the huge following the Cubs got through the playoffs and World Series? Was it because of the Presidential Election and even going head’s up against a Presidential & a VP debate. Or are there other reason? Well I think it is a little early for Roger Goddell to push the panic button. Let’s take a look.

First the traditional ideas of other things are on TV causing viewers to switch the channel. That is the whole World Series and Presidential Election idea. Well the Cubs rapped their 1st title in 108 years up just over a week ago and Donald Trump shocked Hillary Clinton this week so those can’t be the excuse anymore. So we can see how the numbers look starting tonight with a less than exciting AFC North Divisional Match-up between the Browns and Ravens, with Baltimore as a double digit favorite. Then we will see how the rest of the weekend plays out.

If the numbers are still down we have to look at some of the newer factors. Fans don’t watch the same way that we used to. I remember getting up in the morning as a kid. Watch the pre-game on CBS or NBC and then flip back and forth between the 2 games that came in on the local channels. Then went they were done we would switch over to the late afternoon match-up no matter who was playing. Then I couldn’t wait for Monday Night Football just so I could see all the highlights of the other games we didn’t get to see during Howard Cossell’s Half Time Highlights. Now people are all over the internet on Sunday Morning checking for injuries to their star fantasy football players. Then when kickoff comes on the early match-ups fans don’t just turn on their local game. They flip through their NFL Package to all the games, go to the NFL Red Zone just to catch all the scoring plays or instead of their TV watch games on their, computer, ipad or cell phone, none of which show up on the TV Ratings. Besides people watching on new devices there is also plenty or maybe too many options. Now there is Thursday Night NFL, Every Sunday NFL game can be watched if you have the package. There were the 3 NFL games in England on early Sunday morning plus Sunday and Monday Night Football. So what about if you missed again? There are highlights on ESPN, FOX Sports 1, and NFL Network plus others. Then the NFL Network also re-broadcasts games taking out delays and commercial breaks so you can watch a game in 45 minutes. Maybe fans are just over-saturated with the NFL or just football as they get CFB on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and of course Saturdays!

Then there is the reasons people are giving that I truly don’t believe is affecting things. People are turning away because of the protests that are being made by Colin Kaepernick and others or the game just isn’t as good. First the protest angle is slowly fading away. You aren’t seeing the networks covering the story. Less players are taking a knee due to pressure of the team, friends, family or business. Denver LB Brandon Marshall was one of the first to take a knee but has decided to get off his knee after companies pulled his sponsorship. Now Kaepernick is taking heat for protesting but now not voting in the election proving he is out for attention for himself more than trying to to make a statement and help a cause. The other reason is that the game isn’t as good. That isn’t true. They game has never had better athletes. We see plays each and every week that we can’t believe are happening. They say the refs are missing plays which hurts the integrity of the game. That isn’t true either. It is that we are just seeing more. We see plays on replay from so many different angles, in super-slow motion and in high definition. You want the refs to be better, watch the game that they have to call, live and in full speed and see how well they truly call the games. Yes they do miss some calls but for the most part I give them all the credit in the world.

I still consider the NFL the best sports league in the world and even though not everyone is watching as much as I do, their isn’t a problem with the league and their is no need to panic yet! Let’s see how things rate this weekend and the next couple weeks to follow. No matter what, they will have me watching all the games, even tonight’s Browns/Ravens match-up from almost kickoff to final gun even if it turns out to be a blowout. So do you think there is a problem? What would you do to change the problems you see? We would love to hear what you have to say. Last week we cashed in with the College Football Lock/Year Winner on Wyoming (-4) 52-28 over Utah St! Our NFL Lock/Year will be coming up in just a couple weeks! Get all of our NFL action all season long here at Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get all of our winning hoop and hockey action plus by purchasing our plays on, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck

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