Just End the NBA Play-YAWNS!!

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest NBA fan anyway but this year’s playoffs have been the most boring waste of time that I can remember. I will often joke that to watch an NBA game, all you have to do is turn in for the final 5 minutes of the game. That is when they start playing. This playoff, if you tune in for the final 5 minutes there has been nothing left to see! It has been blowout after blowout. Lets take a look at it closer.

I have taken a look at every playoff game, round by round. First of all, out of the entire NBA Playoffs only 31 of 81 games (38.2%) have been won by 10 points or less. Only 5 games have gone into overtime throughout the playoffs with none going into double OT. Only Round 2 of the Playoffs didn’t have more double digit wins than single digit wins but that was 11-11! Out of the 81 playoff games 22 have been decided by 20 points or more. 33 games have been decided by 15 points or more. That is 2 more that single digit wins. There were also 17 games decided by 10-14 points.

It has been forever since we actually saw a good playoff game. The last playoff game where someone won by 6 points or less was May 23rd (more than 2 weeks) when Toronto beat Cleveland. We have to go back 12 more days to May 11th for the last time the deficit was 4 points or less when Golden St beat Portland by 4. Three days before that on May 8th (1 full month ago) was that last playoff game that was decided by one shot. Cleveland beat Atlanta by 1 in Game 4 of their 2nd Round match-up. Taking a look at the Conference Finals and first 2 games of the NBA Finals, we have had 15 games, only 4 have been decided by single digits with the closest game being 6 points. Every other game (11) have been decided by at least 15 points including 7 of them by 20 points or more.

So here we are down to the final couple games of the NBA Finals and unless things turn around quickly this will go down in history as the most boring Major Sports Playoffs in history. I expect more of the same to follow over the next week. The good news is we probably only have to witness two or maybe more 3 games. So did you see the same NBA Playoffs that I did or did you enjoy them. I would like to hear from someone that considers themselves a NBA fan.No matter what happens, we will still continue to provide you with the NBA Playoff Winners (5 straight Guaranteed NBA Winners in the $25 Regular Service)! Get all those winners plus the NHL Stanley Cup action and Major League Baseball by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com, by clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Plus get free daily winners online there too. Good Luck.

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