2015 MLB Baseball Predictions

By Razor Sharp Sports

It is offically spring! Easter is this weekend and the MLB Season throws out their first pitch on Sunday night. So we asked some of the handicappers here on Freeplays.com to make their Baseball predictions for the 2015 season. Now before you click on Read More, have a little fun and predict all 6 division winners, 2 wildcards from each league and your World Series predictions. See how close you are to our handicappers predictions. Are you ready? Let’s take a look.

First of all, there truly seems to be a favorite heading into the season. That team would be the Washington Nationals. All 10 of our handicappers had them making the playoffs. 9 had them winning their division and one had them as a Wildcard. 7 of the 10 handicappers had them making it to the World Series, with 6 of them winning it all! So lets take a look at all the picks. Here are the Handicappers that we asked and the prediction we will use for the rest of the article.

Razor Sharp Sports – RS
Mike Wynn Sports – MW
Jim Feist – JF
Jeff Allen – JA
Arthur Ralph – AR
Kenny Towers – KT
Vegas Steam Line – VS
Nevada Sharpshooter – NS
#1 Sports – #1
Easy Money – EM

Let’s start with the Divisions.

AMERICAN LEAGUE EAST- The Boston Red Sox are the favorites among our handicappers with 6 selcting them to win the division (RS. MW, AR, KT, EM, & NS), while 2 others had them as their wildcard (VSL & JF). Next up came the Baltimore Orioles. There were 3 handicappers (JF, JA & #1) taking the O’s to win the division and 2 more have them as a wild card (MW & KT). The Toronto Blue Jays were selected by VS as their AL East winner and AR had them as a wildcard. The Tampa Bay Rays got their name down once as a wild card from RS. Pretty crazy but not one of our handicappers had the New York Yankees make the playoffs.

AMERICAN LEAGUE CENTRAL- The Tigers look to be the favorites in the AL Central with 5 handicappers selecting them. (RS, MW, KT, VS & NS). Four others had them as a wildcard (JF, AR, #1 & EM). Next came the Cleveland Indians with 3 handicapper picks (JA, #1 & EM). The Tribe also got a couplw wildcard nods (KT & NS). The Chicago White Sox were picked by 2 handicappers to win the division (JF & AR) and one more (JA) as a wildcard. Last year’s AL pennant winner, Kansas City was only selected once to make the playoffs as a wildcard by MW. Minnesota was left out by all handicappers.

AMERICAN LEAGUE WEST- The AL West is split between old and new. The Old being a playoff mainstay, the Angels and possible newcomers the Mariners. Both have 5 handicappers pick them to win the division and 3 others as wildcards. The Angels were division winners by MW, AR, VS, #1 and EM, along with wildcard picks by RS, NS & JA. The 5 handicappers (RS, JF, JA, KT & NS) had Seattle as the division winners, while #1, VS & EM had them as wildcards. None of the other 3 teams in the division, Oakland, Texas or Houston were picked at all to make the playoffs.

NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST- If there is sucha thing as a runaway division in baseball, this looks like the one in 2015. 9 of the 10 handicappers had Washington winning this division. Only NS didn’t take them as the division winner. They had Miami. NS did had Washington as a Wildcard team. Miami came up 4 other times as playoff picks. RS, JA, VSL & EM all had the Marlins as a wildcard. JF had the Atlanta Braves as a Wildcard team. That was the only other team in the NL East picked. The Mets and Phillies were left out.

NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL- If the NL East is the runnaway, then the NL Central may be the dogfight! 3 different teams were selected to win the division. The Cardinals would be the small favorite with 4 picks for the division (MW, JF, AR, KT) and 4 picks as wildcard (VS, NS, EM & #1) The Pirates were next getting picked 4 times (RS, JA, VS & #1) to win the division and one other (KT) had them as a wildcard. The Chicago Cubs were also selected as a possible division winner by 2 handicapppers (NS & EM) and 4 more as a Wildcard (RS, MW, JA & KT). The other 2 teams in the division also got wildcard picks, one each (Milwaukee – AR & Cincinnati – JF).

NATIONAL LEAGUE WEST- This of course is the division of the reigning World Series Champion San Francisco Giants so you would expect to have a dominant pick. The thing of it is that it isnt the Giants. Instead, once again, it is the LA Dodgers. 9 of the 10 handicappers selected the Dodgers to win the division. Only VSL had San Diego. San Francisco did get 2 wildcard picks by MW and #1. The only other team mentioned in the NL West was Arizona as a Wildcard by AR. No one has Colorado.

So how about the World Series Picks. As I mentioned earlier, 6 handicappers have Washington winning it all and at least getting to the Series by 7. Next up is the Dodgers picked by 2 to win the World Series. Both Boston and Detroit were picked by one. The Red Sox were also picked to lose the World Series by 3 handicappers and the Tigers by 2. Here is the full breakdown by each handicapper.

Razor Sharp Sports – Washington over Detroit
Mike Wynn Sports – Washington over Boston
Jim Feist – LA Dodgers over Detroit
Jeff Allen – Washington over Seattle
Arthur Ralph – Washington over Boston
Kenny Towers – Boston over Washington
Vegas Steam Line – Detroit over Pittsburgh
Nevada Sharpshooter – LA Dodgers over Boston
#1 Sports – Washington over LA Angels
Easy Money – Washington over LA Angels

So there you go, the prediction have been made. It is time to play for real. So how did your predictions match up with the handicappers? Which handicapper do you agree with most? Which one do you disagree with the most? Don’t forget to get all of our incredible baseball action all season long along with the NCAA FInal Four action and the NBA by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com, by watching our Free play videos on FreeplaysTV and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to Freeplays.com and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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