2014 MLB Predictions

By Razor Sharp Sports

So the Major League season has already officially begun “Down Under” with the 2 games played by the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. But really opening day is a few days away with the full schedule of games next Monday. Once again I have asked our Freeplays.com handicappers to make their predictions for the upcoming season. Last year we had plenty of swings and misses. Not one of our handicappers predicted the Boston Red Sox would win the World Series. As a matter of fact not one of them even picked them to win their division, even though all 4 of the other teams in the AL East were picked to win the Division Crown. Last year we had 3 teams that were picked to win their division by all of the handicappers that made their predictions. They were the Angels, Tigers and Reds. The Tigers were the only one of the three to do it. So this year we have 7 handicappers make their predictions. They are Razor Sharp Sports (RS), Mike Wynn Sports (MW), Jim Feist Sports (JF), #1 Sports (#1), Vegas Steam Line (VS), Huddle-Up Sports (HU) & Teya’s Sports (TS). So how did the picks go this year?

This year only one team got the full sweep of the division picks. That was the LA Dodgers in the NL West. Two others were close. Detroit and Washington got 6 of te 7 picks in their divisions. The only handicapper to take Cleveland in the AL Central was Mike Wynn. The only handicapper to take Atlanta in the NL East was Vegas Steam. In the other divisions they broke down like this. The AL East was split by 2 teams, the Red Sox (MW, VS, #1 & HU) and the Yankees (RS, JF, & TS). The AL West had 3 teams selected. RS, MW, HU & TS took the Angels, Jf & VS had Texas and #1 had Oakland. Finally the NL Central was also split 3 ways. The majority had St Louis (MW, JF, #1, VS & HU) while one (RS) had Cincinnati & one (TS) had Milwaukee.

As for Wildcard predictions, they seem to be all over the place. Even though they weren’t selected to win the AL East by anyone, The Tampa Bay Rays were selected by 5 handicappers (JF, MW, #1, VS & HU). Besides the Rays, JF had Balt, MW had Det, #1 had KC, VS had the Yankees, & HU had Texas. The other two handicappers that didnt have Tampa Bay were RS & TS. Razor had Boston & Oakland while Teya had KC & Texas. In the NL, things are very wide open with 8 different teams being selected. RS, MW & #1 all has Pittsburgh and Atlanta, Jf also has Atlanta but has Cincy. VS agreed with the the Reds pick, but added Arizona. HU had San Francisco and Milwaukee, while TS went with St Louis and Colorado.

So then we have the the World Series Predictions. Lets see if our handicappers can hit one out of the park this year. Very unexpectedly 3 of our 7 handicappers had the exact same prediction. Mw, JF and HU all have Washington beating Detroit for the crown. RS has thesame 2 teams in the World Series, but has Detroit winning it all. Two of our handicappers have the Dodgers winning it all. VS has the Dodgers over the Red Sox while TS has the Dodgers over the Angels. Finally #1 Sports went with St Louis over Oakland.

So what do you think of the predictions? Who do you think has the best picks? What are your predictions? We would love to hear your opinions. Don’t forget to get all our incredible baseball action all season long, along with our hoops action each day by purchasing our plays on Freeplays.com, by watching our Free play videos on FreeplaysTV and of course always don’t forget that you can get a free winner now and every day throughout the year by going to Freeplays.com and clicking on Razor Sharp Sports. Good Luck!

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