The NBA opens Tuesday Night!!!

By #1 Sports

Hardcourt fans, your 2012-2013 opening day is Tuesday! First tip is at 7:05 EST as the Cavaliers host the Wizards from Quicken Loans Arena followed shortly by a back to back special on TNT of Celtics @ Miami at 8:05 EST and Mavericks @ Lakers at 10:35 EST.

Many season ago we made the decision to let the other guys chase some 345 College Teams around the country while we give our entire focus, resources, and firepower exclusively to the Pro side.

The results of this selectivity have proven out over and over again.

As NBA-Only Specialists, we are granted greater depth of analysis on individual situations and here are a few of the factors critical to our more thorough approach:

Player motivation: Most College players play hard each trip out. The schedule and financial concerns are huge hurdles that effect every Pro player sometime during a season and a number nightly. Defense is the first to suffer.

Schedule: The Pros face a grind. Back to back games cost squads 2-4 points while teams on 2-days rest can benefit from the opposite effect. See a “sucker line”? Check the schedule and you’ll often see a back to back facing a 2-day rest match up.

Home and Away: Much less effect on the well-travelled Pro player than his College counterpart but not much less influence on the outcome. Players play but by design or by psychology, Pro referees send the home team to the line much more often.

Injuries: Our focus on 30 teams keeps us critically aware of every injury situation every day. One caveat here. The NBA chooses to market “stars” rather that teams but there are many players – even on benches – that can score 20 per night when made the first option.

That’s a start and be sure to pick up your Daily Free Selections from your NBA Specialists at

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